I think that, as adults, we ( I) reach the stage when we realise that despite resolutions made, change just isn’t going to happen. Or if we are going to make changes, ones that are made in say June have more chance of actually sticking. Less pressure and all.
That said, it is lovely to look back that the year that was and take a snapshot of the ‘now’. I’m horribly lax at writing down special things that my children do during the year, so a sporadic ‘favourite things’ is better than nothing.


I found this printable at Ann Voscamp’s blog; A Holy Experience. We filled it out just before watching some early evening fireworks happening in the city waaaaay in the distance, peeping over the hills. We saw he barest tendrils of each highest flourish only, but hearing our excited exclamations the neighbours must have thought that we have somehow found a mystery vantage point that gave us a full view.

So, Happy New Year. Here’s to happy times, peace ( my word of the year) and health. Because that’s all we need, friends.

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